One of the main projects in which KAFRED engages, is the water project. The organization has funded  the construction of water kiosks in the community, which provide clean and safe drinking water for over 2000 households. In addition, KAFRED has built 8 water pumps in houses of community members, which are also accessible to the inhabitants. Not only has this decreased the average walking distance for people to get clean water, it also caused a decrease in water-born diseases amongst people of Bigodi parish. KAFRED has managed to reduce the cost per 20 liter can of water from 800 UGS to 200 UGS.

waste management

One of the biggest challenges Uganda faces, is waste management. The people have to become aware of the impact of dumping garbage. Improper waste management would have disastrous consequences for the environment: climate change, degradation of nature, disturbance of biodiversity, etc.

Therefore KAFRED, in cooperation with UNITE, organizes different functions and events to raise awareness about this topic. One of the many examples is the termly training for teachers of UNITE schools. During these training sessions there are workshops and presentations about waste management and how to implement this in the education of children. The two organizations also organize cleanup actions in the Bigodi Trading Centre.

Furthermore, In 2016 fuel-efficient stoves were introduced to lower the consumption of charcoal which resulted in a decrease of deforestation. In 2017 the incinerator project was launched to teach families how to build an incinerator which provides community members with a safe place to burn their non-biodegradable waste. The latter decreases diseases causes by the toxic fumes when burning plastic.