Partners & Friends

Due to a recent partnership between KAFRED and the  Thomas More  University College from Belgium, annually students are given a chance to fulfill their internship in Uganda. For the students it is a very nice opportunity to share their knowledge and skills with KAFRED as well as to learn more about community based eco-tourism.

The Kasiisi Project based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, US (near Boston), builds schools, funds school scholarships, and works with schools and communities in Kabarole District, western Uganda.

The North Carolina Zoo’s UNITE program in the US supports conservation in western Uganda and other places worldwide.

Uganda Community Tourism Association (UCOTA), Kampala, Uganda, promotes tourism throughout the country. KAFRED is a long-time member of UCOTA, as is the Bigodi Women’s Group.

Nomadic by Nature has a nice description of the Wetlands, with many photos.
In April 2017, Wetlands Ecology and Management Journal, a scientific research publication, published an important paper by A. Gosling, C. M. Shackleton and J. Gambiza about Bigodi and KAFRED. The paper concludes, “This study confirms the success of the locally run [community] processes underlying the significant role that the [Bigodi] wetland plays in local livelihoods.