Cultural Village Walk

Discover Traditional Bigodi

Besides the Guided Nature Walks in the Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary, KAFRED offers as well an cultural experience. Explore the atmospheric village of Bigodi accompanied by one of our professional English-speaking field-guides.

The walk will take up to 3 to 4 hours depending on the pace of the group. According to your interests, you will first visit a traditional healer who will happily share his knowledge about spirits, herbs, plants and local medicines. Secondly, the visitors will visit the homes of elderly men and women who tell interesting stories about birth, marriage, ceremonies, clans and their traditional life. Learn more about the history and issues that they face as a developing community of rural Uganda. Along the way, you will also be given the chance to experience the Ugandan school system, visit a local church and Bigodi’s trading centre, a hub of rural life and activity.  The field-guides are ready to answer any questions during the walk.

Costs per person are shown in the table below.Rates effective 2017:

Village Walk Cost in UG Shillings
Cost in US Dollars*
Visitor Category Per Person Per Person
Non-Residents of Uganda UGS 40,000 $20
Residents who are not Ugandan UGS 30,000 $15
Ugandans UGS 10,000 $5

                                                   * US dollars must be from year 2006 or later.